About the project
I skillfully crafted this WordPress website for WeAnim8, a specialized animation studio, using Elementor and drawing inspiration from the provided PSD design. The website showcases the studio's creative prowess and expertise in animated videos. Notably, I implemented a user-friendly multi-step form, allowing visitors to effortlessly request quotes for their desired video projects. This project not only captures the essence of WeAnim8's creativity but also provides a seamless platform for potential clients to engage and initiate their animation projects.
The solution
The solution involved developing a WordPress website for WeAnim8, leveraging Elementor and adhering to the provided PSD design. This approach ensured a visually appealing and functional platform that resonates with the studio's animation expertise. The key addition was a user-friendly multi-step form, seamlessly integrated to simplify the process of requesting quotes for custom video projects.
The result is a dynamic and visually captivating website that highlights WeAnim8's creative prowess. The user-friendly multi-step form enhances the visitor experience, allowing them to easily initiate quote requests for their unique video concepts. The project not only successfully translates the PSD design into a functional website but also establishes an effective online presence for WeAnim8, fostering engagement and collaboration with potential clients.


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