About the project
I crafted this WordPress website for Eternitech, a USA-based IT consulting services company. Using Elementor and a Figma design, I built the site from scratch. Custom-coded Elementor widgets added a unique touch, enhancing both functionality and design. Multiple Custom Post Types (CPT) were created to precisely meet Eternitech's specific needs. The result is a tailored and effective online platform showcasing the company's IT expertise.
The solution
The solution involved utilizing WordPress and Elementor to construct a website tailored for Eternitech's IT consulting services. Starting with the provided Figma design, I incorporated custom Elementor widgets to elevate the website's functionality and design. Introducing multiple Custom Post Types (CPT) addressed the specific needs of Eternitech, ensuring a seamless and personalized user experience.
The result is a dynamic online presence for Eternitech. The website, built from scratch, boasts a unique design crafted with custom Elementor widgets. The strategic use of multiple Custom Post Types enhances content organization, catering precisely to Eternitech's diverse offerings. This tailored solution not only showcases the company's expertise but also establishes an effective and engaging platform for online visitors.


WeAnim8 Website Screenshot


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Leads Support Website Screenshot

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